Sparling is part of a team that unites more than 15,000 employees working in over 250 locations. We officially merged with Stantec on February 28, 2015. It's an exciting future not only for us, but for you, our trusted clients.

With the advantage of local insights, and a long-term commitment to the people and places we serve, Sparling, Candela and Stantec have the unique ability to connect to projects on a personal level and advance the quality of life in communities across the globe. We are thrilled to have become part of a company that cares about creating communities as much as we do.

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Vision in action.
The principals who drive the practice forward – leading the way with a fine-tuned understanding of client needs and emphasis on nurturing strong relationships.

Our executive team is seasoned and serious about making infrastructure work harder for clients, their stakeholders and the communities they serve.

Eric T. Overton, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, is a visionary leader with unbridled enthusiasm to match market needs with the best, brightest talent and technologies. His future-forward approach keeps people attuned to what’s next while applying relevant insight "in the now."

Arne R. Berger, Chief Financial and Operating Officer, is responsible for taking the firm's objectives and converting them into strategy and executable goals, driving performance in the areas of sales, profitability, cash flow and project management.

Jeffrey S. Hankin, Vice President, is the dynamic force leading market development initiatives and developing a strong presence in core markets both regionally and nationally. His remarkable clarity when it comes to setting strategic direction, incredible market leadership skills and service ethic set him apart.

Troy W. Thrun, Vice President, enjoys the complexity of working across market categories to develop the design service initiatives of the firm. His agility is best expressed in an unmatched ability to exceed the expectations of some of the biggest brands on the planet and bring that same talent to the business of the firm.

Kristy J. Alley, Principal, Director of Marketing, delivers a decade-long track record of breakthrough thinking and strategic brand management for the benefit of clients and team members alike.

Full biographical sketches and contact information for the executive committee and all firm principals follow.

Sparling Principals

Kristy J.Alley
James E. Degnan
Denise B. Fong
Jeffrey S. Hankin
Maureen D. Jackson
Timothy Janof
Basel H. Jurdy
Greg L. Livengood
Lauren MacLeod
Thomas (Tod) Moore
Michael B. Newbury
Eric T. Overton
Mark Peckover
Karl P. Pihl
Troy W. Thrun
Michael R. Yantis
Kristy J. Alley
Principal, Director of Marketing

Kristy drives the Sparling brand forward with strong leadership in strategic marketing planning, marketing collateral and communications, and client research initiatives. In her 15 years at Sparling, she has received several national Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) marketing communication awards, including “Best of Show” for Sparling's corporate identity program. Kristy is current the NAIOP Marcom co-chair, an SMPS roundtable facilitator and past SMPS Board Director.

James E. Degnan, PE, LEED®AP
Principal and Chief Electrical Engineer

Jim's design focus includes power, lighting, emergency, and security systems for healthcare, military, government and commercial projects. He also oversees many sports lighting projects, including stadiums, athletic fields and parks. His 30-year track with large, complex facilities is a testament to his ability to integrate quality design with construction services and incorporate sustainable building practices, wherever possible.

Denise Fong, IALD, LC, LEED®AP
Principal, Candela

Nationally recognized for her work, Denise collaborates with architects, developers, building owners, and retailers to bring a high level of creativity and design excellence to diverse project types. With over 25 years of experience developing award-winning lighting design strategies, she’s sought after as a keynote speaker and writer internationally. Her passions include green design, sustainable manufacturing processes for lighting equipment, and lighting for a sustainable future.

Jeffrey S. Hankin, PE, LEED®AP
Vice President

At the forefront of thought leadership, Jeff directs the firm on market development initiatives. He leverages his ability to cultivate relationships, his 20+ years of expertise in smart building design, and his passionate leadership style to grow the firm in its core markets of healthcare, higher education and life sciences, both regionally and across the country.

Maureen D. Jackson, PE
Associate Principal, Electrical Engineering

Maureen has a style that is fresh and unexpected as she works hand-in-hand with clients, owners and her integrated services team to continually stay one step ahead of market trends and future electrical engineering technology. With over 20 years in her field, she is engaging, confident and approachable allowing her to deliver a client experience like no other while creating the best facilities out there.

Timothy Janof, PE, LEED®AP

As a principal at Sparling, Tim provides design leadership in electrical engineering and is a foremost expert in data center design. With over two decades in the industry, he is passionate about designing electrical systems that protect critical data, serve users and sustain the environment. Tim is a champion of research for sustainable solutions with an active interest in the ever more promising day-to-day use of photovoltaics and wind power. He is a firm leader and mentor, serving as the dean of Sparling’s internal employee education program, Sparling University.

Basel H. Jurdy
Principal, Acoustical Design

Recognized for exceptional partnering skills, Basel specializes in mechanical equipment noise and vibration control, architectural acoustics and environmental noise assessment. With over 20 years of experience, his design work spans diverse market sectors such as healthcare, education, high technology, municipal facilities, performing arts centers, mixed-use buildings, office environments and industrial facilities. He combines the drive for design excellence with devotion to client service.

Greg L. Livengood, PE
Principal, Electrical Engineering

Greg’s strengths include design of power, lighting, emergency, communication, fire alarm and security systems. For more than 20 years, he’s served clients in the military, commercial and higher education sectors. His deep technical knowledge, experience with complex facilities, ability to bring together multiple stakeholders and agility in implementing innovative design solutions set him apart. He particularly enjoys his long-term relationships with clients and continuing to deepen his understanding of their business.

Lauren MacLeod, IALD, LEED®AP
Associate Principal, Candela

Lauren brings dazzling impact to every project she touches. With over 25 years as a lighting consultant, designer and instructor, she has a wide array of design experiences on world-class projects – and her work literally spans the globe. Her extensive background with hospitality, corporate and healthcare clients gives her resume a breadth and balance that is also world-class. Lauren is well known for artistic and sustainable lighting concepts. Her passion for sustainability and her artist’s eye for form and detail are sure to bring an absolutely stellar result.

Thomas (Tod) Moore, RCDD, CDCD
Principal, Director Technology Consulting

Tod’s natural leadership skills compel him to write and speak nationally on the future of technology. He is a Principal in Sparling's technology consulting practice and applies his 20+ years of experience to clients’ challenges, from inside and outside plant design of fiber optic and copper infrastructure to operations/data centers to LAN/WAN configuration for multi-building campus and multi-story building environments. He brings particular passion and insight to the connectivity issues facing healthcare owners today.

Michael B. Newbury
Principal, Electrical Engineering

Mike enjoys crafting relevant, hard-working solutions for clients. With over 15 years of design experience for power, lighting and security systems, he works across markets, including healthcare, commercial, retail, hospitality and mixed-use projects. He is experienced in navigating the technical issues associated with complex facilities. And, he takes pride in integrating quality design with construction services to assure that the end result delivers on the program requirements while meeting the owner’s bottom line.

Eric T. Overton
Chairman and CEO

A breakthrough thinker, Eric revels in the quest to understand where markets are moving, how user needs are shifting and what skills best support owners’ ability to perform at the highest level. He cultivates an abiding commitment to clients’ best interests with a serious drive to fuel innovation at every turn. With 25 years of experience and a career-long commitment to the firm, he’s attuned to the dynamics of his team. His goal is to make Sparling the central address for the top talent in the nation.

Mark Peckover, PE
Principal, Electrical Engineering

An especially effective communicator, top notch engineer and all around relationship builder, Mark knows how to get the job done right and motivate his team to stay on a winning course. With 20 years of design experience in power distribution and low voltage systems, he is in the driver's seat steering his team on an effective pathway of integrated services delivery.

Karl P. Pihl
Principal, Electrical Engineering

Karl is a client advocacy champion who brings smart new ideas to the table from his ground level understanding of design in the built environment. He is a natural leader and mentor who understands the importance of communication and coordination at all levels of design. Throughout his 10+ years of experience he has been committed to bringing innovation to his clients through integrated design.

Troy W. Thrun, PE, LEED®AP
Vice President

Troy is a visionary leader enjoying the complexity of devising and driving firm strategy on design services initiatives for studios. He has the innate ability to understand what practices are best for the company and its people. Through his 20 years of experience, his design expertise has touched many of the firm's largest and most prestigious projects. His acute knowledge of what clients want lends itself to his understanding of how to structure the firm to answer their needs.

Michael R. Yantis, PE
Principal, Acoustical Design

Michael co-leads Sparling’s acoustical design practice, sharing his 30 years of experience with clients and employees alike. His expertise spans architectural acoustics and vibration, mechanical system noise and vibration control, environmental noise assessments and electronic sound system design. His broad-reaching portfolio includes projects in the healthcare, commercial, education, municipal, residential and entertainment sectors. He applies practical knowledge to each project along with a sincere service ethic.